Dovregubbens Hall

–in the heart of the realm of the Mountain King­–


In the heart of the Dovrefjell mountains, between the two beautiful lakes Vålåsjø and Avsjø, 20 km. north of Dombås, you will find Dovregubbens Hall.

Dovregubbens Hall is a unique, hospitable stopping place for travellers.

You notice that this spot is out of the ordinary when you enter the yard, which is encircled by 10 buildings built in the traditional style of the Gudbrandsdal valley and housing a café, gallery, souvenir shop and accommodation in apartments or cabins.

The uniqueness of Dovregubbens Hall becomes even more apparent when you step inside and experience the characteristic interior and hospitable atmosphere of the main building.

We take pride in maintaining our traditions to make you feel at home whether you are here for a brief visit or an extended stay.

We will do our utmost to make your experience memorable, so that you will want to come back and visit us again.

Why do our guests feel so at home here? Because this is our home.






Mette Onsum Berg and Johan Dokken own and operate Dovregubbens Hall. We can always be found either in the kitchen, in the restaurant or in the souvenir shop, except during grouse hunting season in the autumn. Then we’re to be found out on the mountain plateau.




Telephone: +47 61 24 29 17

Fax: +47 61 24 29  67

E-mail : info@dovregubben.com

 Cover photo by: Fjellfoto A/S